Karan Chopra, the Chief Executive Officer of G2OneNetwork, the conglomerate that has a number of products  under its banner ranging from self-help blogs to online marketing sites, publications,  line of designer shoes and T-Shirts and even the recently launched 24 hour online radio and TV channel. What started off as just a web development company in 2011, G2One Network has come a long way since its inception thanks to the vision of its CTO.




Hailing from a business family, venturing into business was not new. After completing his post-graduation from the University of Aston in the UK, Karan decided to start something of his own. Karan returned to India in 2011 backed with an education in Distributed and Network Computing as well as experience that he gained in the European market, and launched his first business venture – G2One Network.


G2One Network dealt with web development and design, which although was Karan’s background, didn’t excite him that much. This led him to establish I2Mag, the publication he is best known for. With I2Mag, Karan saw an opportunity in the market, a niche that demanded the presence of good content that was informative as well as entertaining.


The success of I2Mag came with a lot of hard work, experience and knowledge which was Karan’s forte. After completion of his degree Karan had spent his time freelancing as a web developer, taking care of content management as well as content generation. During his stay in UK, Karan got exposed to the international market and learnt the intricacies of dealing with clients from all across the globe.


As the CTO of G2One Network Karan has maintained a keen eye towards new developments in the market and has been eager to venture into those that align with G2One’s business interests. From adoption of technology to its in house refinement, branding and the launch, Karan oversees each and every step of the product becoming a reality with great enthusiasm. With the core principle that revolves around maintaining a good work ethic and maintaining a lasting relation with clients, Karan has managed to kick start more than 20 brands under G2One Network.




While 2011 saw the launch of I2Mag, he consecutively came up with JustWP, another publication site that deals with everything related to WordPress and hosting. 2013 also saw the launch of 99Books and 99DollarWebsite that deals with web designing and development.


2014 – 15 was a busy period with the launch of seven other publications, as well Brand99, the site that took the G2OneNetwork into the world of e-retail. By 2015, G2One Network was making headway in the internet communication and publication world, and Karan also launched four new consultancy-cum-service sites namely – Business123, Entrepreneur123, Hosting123 and Blogging123.


Through these five years, one can see G2One Network grow from strength to strength making inroads not only in digital communication and publication but also networking, designing and consulting. Karan has taken what was just a one man station and made it into a network that has a clientele spread across the globe and a has over the years put together a dedicated team that helps the running of his empire.




While Karan has made a name for himself and his companies, in the world of publication and design, he is now all set to foray into product design and sales. Having recently launched designer shoes and T shirts and with the backing of his online radio and Web TV, Karan is all set to capture the digital technology sector by storm.