The Digital Business Cheat Sheet – 100 Things To Follow


The Digital Business Cheat Sheet - 100 Things To Follow By Karan Chopra

Starting a business and becoming a digital entrepreneur is not an easy thing to do. Yes, it is bubbly and thrilling in the first stages, when you got the idea, talk about it with family and friends, talk some more about it, research on information on the internet, talk with other digital small businesses and  guys you find on blogs.


But it is also hard work, dedication, determination, courage, and responsibility. It requires time, more time and even more time than you initially thought. Actually, everything will be different from what you thought in the first place, once you launch your business. Don’t take my word for it. You will see for yourself, through your own raw experience, through your own trial, errors, failures, and successes. As there will be mistakes, errors and fails but also successes, satisfactions, and achievements. Just don’t expect one without the other. Duality is the world we’re living in. Get used to the good and bad of it. And arrive triumphantly at the end.


Here I present you some advice from my own raw experience. I have tried to present them in a funny, easy-going way, so you enjoy reading and also, so that you don’t get scared away. But, you’re a big grown man or woman and you’re soon-to-be a business owner, so, take what you think is good or you and I hope to see you at the end of the line, successful, millionaire and fulfilled.


Let’s get the BUSINESS started.




1. Greetings from India, I just want to say how great this book really is. Really helped me understand basics of business and how to wok the market. Great work! – Ajeet Pratap Maurya, Super Jobs


2. Thank You Mr Karan Chopra for finally coming out with a book that deals with only Q and A. it’s nice to flip through what exactly you want to know. Great book – Akhilesh Gautam, Software Developer – Sopan Technologies


3. This book is good, nice if you want a point to point brief on how to run your business. If you are looking for an in-depth book, this is not it. – Shreas Rajadhyaksha, Consultant – Capgemini India


4. Another book from Karan, a great follow up to the book on how to become an entrepreneur. Anyone looking for a handy book on business this is the one. – Saurabh Bajaj, IT Analyst – Tata Consultancy Services


5. Great book! Covers everything you want to know about the Digital Business industry. The best part is the Q & A format. Makes it extremely easy to read and understand. – Rashmitha Shetty, Quality Assurance – HostGator India


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