#Entrepreneur - The First Step By Karan Chopra

#Entrepreneur: The First Step


So, you too, have found yourself in the same run as others who are looking for ways to make their debut in the world of entrepreneurs? Sounds interesting, but do you know starting up is not just a cake walk, rather a cluster of steps that you have to start with and once you accomplish them, only then you can think of reaching high, making it to the big leagues.


Let’s start with asking ourselves a few important questions. Probably, you should write down the answers to these questions on a sheet of paper to review later on.


1. Why do you look at yourself as an entrepreneur?

2. The idea that you have, does it fit in this frame of time? Is it too old, is it too futuristic?

3. Finances – Do you have enough money yourself so that you can fuel your venture yourself? Or do you need external help?

4. The perfect team – Whether you are going to work alone or have people around you who will be part of your core team?

5. What kind of people do you want to hire?

6. How are you going to market your venture?

7. Is your venture aimed for the local market? Or are you catering to a more global market?

8. How will your organisational structure look like? Will it be privately held, LLC or Sole Proprietorship? What do you think suits you the best?



Congratulations, if you were able to answer these questions at your first go. If you are thinking that knowing the answers to these questions, means that your business will perform superbly, well, then you could not be more wrong. Business is not about getting your strategy right the first time, instead you have to think and rethink each and every strategy in the light of new information that you obtain. For now, each of these points needs to be thought about in greater depth before you even get started. But don’t get too worried. This is what this book will help you learn.


There are many little things that you will discover along your journey that will shape your business. It is your ability to learn from your mistakes and keep faith in your abilities that will determine the course your business. But before you get there, there are some important decisions that you need to make to start off and this book will help you do exactly that! Take the First Step.




1. What I really like about this book is that it covers all aspects of getting around the world of business. How to launch your product, the finances of it, what kind of people to hire, how to market it – everything. Once you have an idea, this is the ideal book to take it to that next level. – Rashmin Kukde, Analyst – Altisource


2. This guy is awesome, I have followed him on LinkedIn and I regularly go to I2Mag. He is constantly launching something or the else, and now this. If you want to meet a serial entrepreneur- it’s him. – Karan Gosain, Assistant Manager – Ernst & Young


3. I found this book helpful. Thanks a lot. – Jalaj Dhir, Ernst & Young


4. This is a great book for everyone who wants to start their own business but don’t know where to begin. Great Book! – Amber Verma, Sr. Marketing Executive – Casio India


5. Good read, I liked how this book answers the basic question of stepping into the market with your product. It’s a handy guide to have at the start of your business. – Sanket Lingayat, Business Analyst – HDFC Bank


6. Hi, I downloaded this e-book after a friend recommended it, I was sceptical but after reading it I have to say Thank you to my friend and Thank you to Mr Chopra for this great read. – Surag Dange, Tata Consultancy Services


7. Hey hi, I just would like to say, great book, good work! – Dr. Sangeeta Dhir, Physiotherapist


8. Greetings from Mumbai India, I found this book handy. It’s a good buy and great value for money- thanks, Vinay. – Vinay Gupra, Sr. Tech Specialist – General Mills India


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