Internet marketing is the buzz word these days. Everybody wants a piece of it and everybody wants their brand to go viral. From a house-painting company to a personal perfume company, everybody wants to mark their presence online, and there are lots and lots of ways to do so. You might also be eager or might have been recommended by someone to take your brand/business online.

But there are many questions that arise. Is it really worth the effort? Do businesses and brands really gain from their online presence? How much of your marketing budget should you allocate to internet marketing? How do you measure whether internet marketing has helped your business or not? Are there any short-term and long-term gains from internet marketing?

Before you get lost further in all these questions, let me tell you that this overwhelming feeling is exactly why I decided to write this book. Internet marketing is making people go crazy, and everybody wants their brand or business to shine. From start-ups to small- and medium-scale industries, from large companies to multinational conglomerates, everybody is trying to catch the attention of the new market that has opened up on the internet, but there are very few people who really get what this race is about and have managed to get ahead.

As an entrepreneur in the media industry who largely deals with online content and products, I have seen the growth of internet marketing from very close quarters, and I know exactly what people like and what they prefer. From catching their attention to holding a conversation, I have done it all, over and over again. In this book, I will tell you the secrets of internet marketing and the truths behind some of the most successful strategies used in internet promotions and marketing. We will go into the details in a step-by-step manner as I walk you through the amazing world of internet marketing.

As we go through the chapters, you will be able to learn about internet marketing and gauge whether it is a right fit for your business or not. If it is, then a large number of marketing strategies await you in the latter sections of the book. But if not, at least you will know what all the hype is about and will be ready to take the plunge when you and
your business are ready for it.