The internet is a good place to make money. If you have heard that before tried and succeeded, you have got a hang of the game, but if you have tried and failed, or probably tried and are tired or just dismiss it altogether as hokum or hogwash, I’m here to tell you that there is some truth to that. is an initiative by G2one Network and is here to show a great way for you to make some extra buck off the internet. is an initiative to help you with this problem. If you are starting up something on your own, it is anything but easy. You are faced with the trials and tribulation that are unique only to you and chances are that there is little or no help around. You may even pump yourself up with motivational speeches and talks on the internet, but when it actually boils down to getting your hands dirty, and the getting the nitty-gritty details right, videos do tend to fall short. Books are a great way to reflect upon the details and help you make a template or guide to lead your way. is an attempt to do exactly that.


Sometimes it happens that reading about other stories that have made it or not, helps you put things into perspective and helps you along the way. You can get motivated, take inspiration and learn from what the experts have to say about what to do and what not to do, what to expect and what not to. is a collection of eBooks – written and authored by G2One Network’s Founder/CEO Karan Chopra himself – to help you along your entrepreneurial journey. Whether you are looking for inspiration, motivation, guidelines on the dos and don’ts, is the place to come when you need an extra push in pursuing your dream.


A proud part of G2One Networks, is here to provide you with the much needed inspiration, motivation and guides and when you start up your own adventure. Launched in 2015, is based in New Delhi, India and is an initiative of G2One Network Founder/CEO, Karan Chopra, who is himself a serial entrepreneur, author, web developer and much more. Having had his fair share of struggles, hardships and triumphs, Karan has set out to help others on the journey with his valuable insight. The eBooks available are suitable for all mediums, and unlike other web- sites that specialise in eBooks, at the eBooks are available in Kindle and PDF formats, making it super convenient for you.


It is a tough economy out there, but with a little bit of help from, you can not only make the whole thing a breeze but also perhaps make much more than you anticipated.