Bloggin - 101 Tips To Get Started

Blogging: 101 Tips To Get Started


Blogging is a lifetime school. As long as you blog, you keep learning. As long as new blog features, social media platforms, widgets, plugins, applications, online tools, gadgets, (you name them) appear, you will keep learning.


You can’t ever say you have reached the bottom or the end line. Blogging it’s an ever ongoing process.


And You and I are having a blast enjoying the ride. That’s why you’re reading this 101 Blogging Tips and that’s why I wrote it for you. Because We love it.



That’s why, don’t take this task lightly. Blogging will force you to expand your personal horizon, your personal development, your knowledge, your inner boundaries and limits, your points of view. Will break down your bad habits (like procrastination or poor time managing) and help you develop new, better ones.


Blogging it’s a double personal Adventure: it’s taking you into the jungle of Blogosphere and towards your own Evolution as a person and blogger. Infinite benefits.


I gathered from my own Knowledge and Experience, through trials and errors, through victories and achievements these 101 Powerful Insights of highly valuable, extremely useful and fantastic Tips on Blogging to share with you.


There are for both newbies and experienced bloggers. Some are new to you, some are here to remind you to apply them.


Use them wisely and continuously to grow your blog, expand your business, strengthen your social media presence, grow your profits, grow your customers and followers’ list, find your own reputable place in the market, develop yourself, adjust your attitudes and habits to become a better you in the first place and a better blogger.


Blogging is going to change you to the better, on your way to SUCCESS. And I’m here to support you along the way, like a good friend.

Sharing now with you 101 Keys to Success.



1. Karan Chopra has done a great job putting together this book, I won’t recommend it for a person who has already delved into blogging before, but for a starter it’s perfect. – Arun Verma, Entrepreneur


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4. Hey great work on the e-book, has great tips and advice on the dos and don’ts of blogging. I would definitely recommend this book to my friends and family. – Vandana Malhotra, LLB, CS


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7. Nice work, by Mr Chopra. Don’t get too excited, its just 101 tips for blogging. If you don’t know where to start and what to do, this is a great book; otherwise you are wasting your time. – Krishnaveni Chowdary, Australia Post


8. Hello, this is Vaibhav. This book was helpful in many ways and helped answer basic questions on blogging and other online stuff which is too basic for the internet as well. – Vaibhav Miskeen, Assistant Manager-Marketing – SBI Life Insurance


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